Reviews of Britta's Dance and Stage Performances

Dance Reviews

A Wedding Bouquet

"Britta Lazenga stood out as the glamorous, tipsy Josephine. (She knows how to wear a hat.)" New York Times (read the full review)


"The opening spotlighted Britta Lazenga as Leto, sitting high on a tower where her long-limbed angularity made potent stuff of the abstracted birth pains throughout this autobiographical piece ... And I watched in ecstasy" (read the full review)


"In the brief role of a handmaiden, Britta Lazenga stands out for her mastery of Balanchine's fluid extensions." Chicago Sun-Times

Stage Reviews

Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage

"In a strong and massive cast, standouts include Britta Lazenga as the ill-fated dancer Penny ..." LA Weekly (read the full review)
"The show will probably get repeat business thanks to Britta Lazenga, who plays Johnny's leggy dance partner, Penny. ... After dancing for years with the Joffrey Ballet, she is distractingly talented." Chicago Sun-Times (read the full review)
"...the stunning former Joffrey Ballet dancer (and good actress) Britta Lazenga as Penny..." Chicago Tribune (read the full review)
"Ballerina Britta Lazenga can be mind-blowing as bad-girl Penny." The Week (read the full review)
"There's one luminous performance that rises above everything else in sight. Britta Lazenga's Penny is a delight. A star dancer with Chicago's Joffrey Ballet, she has a natural ability to speak her often cliched lines with truth. She dances like a dream, looks like a million bucks and outclasses everyone else on the Royal Alexandra stage." The Hamilton Spectator (read the full review)
"Milwaukee-born Britta Lazenga, who plays the troubled dance instructor Penny, dazzled at the sneak preview, stretching one of her long gams onto the shoulder of Simons during a dance number with ease." The Canadian Press (read the full review)